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jinacare automatically monitors elders’ health via audio recognition. With jinacare you can rest assured that your loved ones are taken care of. Whether they forget to take their medicine, or you just want someone to be by their side when you can’t – jinacare has you covered. We create automated reports for doctors and caregivers and send an alarm in case of an emergency


Be safe now

How it works 

To install jinacare, a stationary device or a smart device like a smartwatch or fitnesstracker is needed. Whether at home or in a care facility, jinacare can operate anywhere. Once jinacare is installed on the device, it monitors the sounds in the elder’s daily life. The jinacare algorithm analyzes these sounds. Our algorithm only analyzes sounds that concern the elderlies’ daily life. Everything else is not processed, which makes jinacare a privacy-proof solution

Here to help in any emergency 

Especially when old people live on their own, falls or accidents are very dangerous. jinacare automatically senses such emergencies and sends an alarm to rescue services and relatives should something happen. It gives you peace of mind, even when you can’t be around. 

Get the help you need

No one can be around 24/7. Our fully automated digital care assistant enables you to focus on what really matters

Privacy is protected

jinacare only listens to what it is meant to hear. Our algorithm is designed in a way that it only analyzes sounds that concern the daily life like brushing teeth, taking a shower or cooking dinner. Whenever it hears something that is not in any of these categories, it just disregards it. We aspire to be least intrusive on the elders’ privacy. 


jinacare doesn’t interfere with the elders’ private lives. Often, elders don’t want to have caregivers around 24/7. jinacare enables this. It is always active but only acts whenever it’s really needed. Besides that, elders won’t recognize any change in their daily lives. 

Improving care quality

Currently, caregivers are busy doing many things that can be taken care for by a machine. Installing jinacare and monitoring elders’ daily life, enables care personnel focusing on the personal exchange with elders, talking with them, playing games or doing other activities. Furthermore, jinacare’s reports enable doctors and caregivers to tailor their services directly to the needs of the elders based on our reports.